Month – May 2014

1/48th scale Pink Beach Hut

This is my latest completed project. A 1/48th scale beach hut made from a beach hut kit by Jane Harrop.

48th beach hut inside

I don’t do pink usually but I was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. Click here to see the picture.

The kit is basically a shed, a 6′ x 8′ shed. Now that’s not a rude comment about the kit, I really like this kit as you are not limited to making a beach hut, you could just as easily dress it as a garden store or workshop or let your imagination roll.

48th beach hut kit

Jane kits always come with clear instructions and parts easily identifiable.

48th sale beach hut kit

All pieces painted ready to assemble.

48th beach hut

Almost assembled, just waiting for the roof and door.

48th scale beach hut

That’s the basic hut done now to turn it into a seaside retreat.

48 thbeach hut furnitre

Some of the furniture ready to go inside. From left to right: the chairs are made from a Jane Harrop table and chairs kit. Table is a simple make from a small piece of off cut wood, toothpick legs and small tiny print paper for a cloth. The cupboard is a dry sink kit that I bashed by gluing the top down and adding false drawer fronts. The tall shelf unit  and wall shelves are simply made from strips of wood. The bunting is made from more tiny print paper cut into triangles and painstakingly glued on some thread. You can also see inside the hut there are some clips which are holding the peg rail in place while it dries. Peg rail is made again from some oddments of wood with some tiny pins, the sort you fix tiny hinges with, as pegs.

48th scale beach hut inside


48th scale hut interior

And a couple more finished pictures.

The chairs I swapped out for some I made from a Petite Properties kit as I thought they suited better. 1/48th scale tea set,  storage jars, wine glasses and picture frames are all items sold on my website. Bottles are from my stash, no idea where I got them from and the tall shelf unit is filled with towels and books all made from oddments of fabric and card.

Like many miniaturists, I have stacks of kits, unfinished projects and a note book full of ideas for future projects. Yet even when I seem to “finish” a project, it’s never really finished. I’m already sat here seeing more items I could add to this scene.

What could you make from this kit? If you have bought or buy this kit. please share your pictures.


New 1/48th scale Accessories

By popular demand, I added some teeny tiny 1/48th scale accessory kits to the shop earlier today. There is a tea set, set of storage jars and serving plates, 2 different sets of plates and dishes, cookware set, a set of pans and baking trays and a set of picture frames.

They all come in unpainted plastic, ready for you to paint. I used Halfords plastic primer first, can’t recommend this enough, great stuff. Then used whatever paint I had lying around, including some nail polish on the pans.

Link to the 1/48th scale tea set is below and all the other items are in related items under the tea set:–kit-2803-p.asp

1/48th scale tea set

1/48th scale tea set


1/48th Scale “Pocket” Dolls house Shop

Second in the series of “1/48th scale Pocket shops” from Jane Harrop is the dolls house shop.

I wasted no time getting stuck into this kit (although it has taken me a while to upload the pictures). Instructions are clear and easy to understand as Jane’s instructions always are.


While waiting for glue and paint to dry on the shop, I made a start on the tiny houses to go inside.

48thdhshop2Shop and stock progressing.


Shop almost finished.


Here’s a close up of the miniature dolls houses and the accessories/stock for the window. I painted the little shop to match the larger version and I just couldn’t leave the tiny shop empty of stock so, with some scraps of wood I had laying around, I made some tiny versions of the houses and shop. The houses can’t be seen in the picture but if you look closely in the window you can just about see another tiny shop, also painted to match. So that’s a mini shop, in a mini shop, in a mini shop.


Close up of the completed window.


And the finished shop.

If you fancy having your very own 1/48th scale miniature dolls house shop they are available on my web site:

Finished 1/48th scale beach hut will be posted soon. I’m just adding finishing touches.



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