1/48th Scale “Pocket” Dolls house Shop

Second in the series of “1/48th scale Pocket shops” from Jane Harrop is the dolls house shop.

I wasted no time getting stuck into this kit (although it has taken me a while to upload the pictures). Instructions are clear and easy to understand as Jane’s instructions always are.


While waiting for glue and paint to dry on the shop, I made a start on the tiny houses to go inside.

48thdhshop2Shop and stock progressing.


Shop almost finished.


Here’s a close up of the miniature dolls houses and the accessories/stock for the window. I painted the little shop to match the larger version and I just couldn’t leave the tiny shop empty of stock so, with some scraps of wood I had laying around, I made some tiny versions of the houses and shop. The houses can’t be seen in the picture but if you look closely in the window you can just about see another tiny shop, also painted to match. So that’s a mini shop, in a mini shop, in a mini shop.


Close up of the completed window.


And the finished shop.

If you fancy having your very own 1/48th scale miniature dolls house shop they are available on my web site:


Finished 1/48th scale beach hut will be posted soon. I’m just adding finishing touches.



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