1/48th scale painted bottles

I’ve been having a play with some of the 1/48th scale bottle and glass kits I added to the shop a few weeks ago. I got the old glass plaints out and was delighted to find that not only were they still very usable but I have all the right colours. The paints I used are pebeo vitrail and if you need the colours send me an email.

Here’s the results:

1/48th scale mixed bottles and decanters

To show you how tiny the bottles are, these are pictured on a regular 2oz bottle of craft paint.

1/48th scale mixed bottles and decanters

Mixed bottle and decanters.

1/48th scale white wine bottles

White wine bottles. Easier to paint and finish if you leave them on the sprue.

1/48th scale red wine bottles

Red wine bottles. I painted these off the sprue by holding them with tweezers and painting the lower bottle and top separately letting it dry between.

1/48 scale wine glasses

Filled white wine glasses.

1/48th scale red wine glasses

Filled red wine glasses.

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