1/24th scale Cafe Chair

This is the chair that I made for Betty’s Tea Room and below is the tutorial I had on my old web site over 10 years ago. Pictures are small, they had to be back then, but I think they are good enough to help you follow the directions.

You will need: Wire (I used plastic coated but any will do), Small piece of card, paint, glue.

1. Cut out a circle of card 16mm diameter. Take a piece of wire and form a circle big enough to overlap the circle slightly but not so big as the card falls through. Glue them together.

2.Take a piece of wire 40mm long and bend as shown.

3. Take a piece of wire 85mm long and bend as shown.

4. Take another piece of wire 45mm long and, yes, bend as shown. The flat top needs to be 12mm long.

5. Take the circle piece and make 2 holes through yhe card, 10mm apart, as close to the wire as possible. Make another 2 holes inbetween these, equal distances apart. Push the ends of the smallest piece of wire through the middle holes as shown.

6. Take the longest piece of wire and push this through the outer holes. You may need to fiddle about with the wires to get the back of the chair even. When your happy with it, put a drop of glue at the top of the chair where the 2 wires meet and a few drops of glue under the seat to hold the wires in place.

7. Take the last piece of wire and glue under the seat at the front edge. Adjust the legs and trim so the chair isn’t wobbly.

8. Paint the chair. I sprayed with a coat of black matt before I sprayed the gloss as I found the black gloss would not dry on the plastic coated wire (test a small piece of wire first).


For the chair seat I simply cut a circle of fabric, glued to the chair and trimmed with some small braid.

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  1. adorable I will have a try with this little chair

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